My work gives the viewer a glimpse of how I observe my surroundings, both the natural and the man made. I value sharing this moment of discovery through tangible creations. Defining the parameters that the gathered natural artifacts or handmade forms are composed within is as important to me as the placement of the forms themselves. A language becomes present within the field; each form has a conversation with the next based on its shape and the amount of space between them. These relationships fascinate me and I find both growth and decay a source of inspiration.

By capturing the essence of pattern, space, texture, light and color, I endeavor to engage the viewer to pause and acknowledge this fundamental beauty that might otherwise go unnoticed.

I work with a combination of materials including copper, wood, concrete, rubber, fabric and wool. This allows me the freedom to express the quality of pattern that is appropriate for each piece. The thread that weaves my work together is the language of patterning which embraces the expansiveness and the miniature simultaneously.